Consource : The End to End Consulting Digital Procurement Software

Everything you need to get the most out of your consulting budget is here. The best platform for consulting procurement professionals, developed by consulting procurement experts.


In order to save costs and increase value, equip your procurement teams with cutting-edge capabilities for scoping requirements, finding consultants, and negotiating contracts.

Optimize the E2E process with a category-specific expertise to transform consulting procurement from a cost center to a strategic value-creation lever. Every step of the way, Consource can assist you.


Scoping & Approvals

  • Formalize all of your project requirements to ensure that they cover all of the critical areas required for a consulting job.
  • Collaborate with colleagues and utilize our AI-powered RFP wizard and template library.
  • Create a case for your project’s approval and compare it to Consulting Strategy’s recommendations.
  • Maintain control of the validation workflow to verify that it adheres to your Consulting Category Strategy.

Strategic Sourcing

  • Determine the critical features that your prospective consultant should possess to successfully complete your project (expertise, location, language, etc.).
  • Begin by adding your favorite consulting businesses to your shortlist of suppliers.
  • Enhance it with suitable alternatives via the interaction with Improveo, which enables instant access to over 4000 consulting firms.
  • Invite consultants to your project, obtain non-disclosure agreements, and distribute your call for proposals.

Collaboration & Selection

  • Easily collaborate with your internal team and consulting firms throughout the process.
  • Collaborate on papers and receive responses in a dedicated collaborative workspace and discussion board.
  • Comparing offers is simple, and ensuring that critical deliverables and compliance standards are met is critical.
  • Collaboratively evaluate all ideas, bring all stakeholders together, and choose the chosen consulting business.

Contract Management

  • Create statements of work (SoW) quickly and easily using our template collection, your standard phrases, and the specifications from the RFP.
  • Collaborate online to finish the agreement, execute with an electronic signature, and assert control over the terms and conditions.
  • Maintain all documents (RFP, Proposal, Project deliverables, Statement of Work, Non-Disclosure Agreement, and Terms and Conditions) in your own private library.
  • Manage the contract’s lifecycle as events occur (scope change, timeline extension, etc.).

Performance Management

  • Utilize our defined metrics and ConpasTM methodology to evaluate and manage a project’s performance.
  • Estimate the impact, cost savings, and return on investment (ROI) of each project, as well as other measures.
  • Get real-time balanced scorecards for each consulting business in your portfolio.
  • Collect useful data on your strengths, shortcomings, and areas for improvement in a smooth manner and gain insights for your next negotiation.
consource-performance management
consource-spend analysis

Impact & Spend Analysis

  • Real-time visibility into where and how your consulting budget is used. What is occurring and where is it occurring.
  • Ensure that your spending is optimized to expedite your approach. Identify consolidation, substitution, synergy, and other cost-cutting options.
  • Determine which areas and departments generate the highest profits, where you overinvest and possibly underinvest.
  • Thanks to the Conpulse community, you can now access rates and performance benchmarks from similar businesses and projects.

Supplier Management

  • Utilize the industry’s premier performance management system for consulting services to listen, analyze, and improve.
  • Determine the Consultants’ and Project Managers’ Strengths and Weaknesses.
  • Establish improvement strategies, monitor progress toward agreed-upon goals, and foster teamwork.
  • Utilize your Consulting Providers on the appropriate projects and choose when to change.
consource- capabilities

Consulting Category Strategy

  • Define your objectives and priorities; identify the critical projects or areas of work where consulting will help you achieve your strategic objectives and make a significant impact.
  • Determine the capabilities and experience required to execute your strategy roadmap and make any adjustments to your chosen provider panel.
  • Direct your staff toward the critical actions that support your strategy, and away from areas where less effort should be expended-
  • Establish decision-making rules and determine whether to make or buy the implementation (make, buy, or hybrid execution models)

The Impact


Faster Sourcing

Optimize your workflow. Do everything more quickly and effectively thanks to an intuitive and intelligent user interface. Focus on the important things while we take care of the heavy work.

Reduced Risks

Make sure your consultants are trustworthy. Verify their level of knowledge and experience, as well as their reputation for thought leadership and positive customer feedback. Engage stakeholders in the process of data-driven decision making.

Increased collaboration

Collaborate in real time. Involve internal team members. Exchange with consulting firms. Get insights from our user community. All of this takes place in a safe environment.

Higher Value

Identify the optimal consulting firms to maximize your impact. Create relevant competitions to keep costs down. Increase your return on investment and the value you create.

Why select ConSource ?


Fully customizable solution

Consource is the industry’s leading suite for Consulting Sourcing. We created the suite by incorporating all of the process steps. Each module, however, is available separately.


Tailored for the Consulting Category

We only work in the consulting industry. Consource was created initially for the Consulting Quest team’s own needs. Experts designed it so you don’t have to be one.


Powered by the largest Consulting Databank in the world

Improveo is integrated with Consource. The largest consulting guidance platform. We’ve already mapped 4000 firms and 1.2 million consultants, and we’re still learning from the community.


Built to both reduce costs and maximize value

Creating relevant competition among the appropriate tier of consultants will result in material savings. Working with the right consultants will help you make the most of your time. The combination of the two will create value.


Leveraging the power of the smart consulting sourcing community

Templates, Insights, Rate Cards, Knowledge Base, Q&A, and Consultant Ratings are all available. You become stronger as a result of your involvement in the community.


Designed with Confidentiality & Security as priorities

We take your data’s security very seriously and work with the best in the industry for authentication, encryption, and storage to ensure it’s safe.

See Consource in action

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use only some modules ?

  • Consource began with just Performance Management and gradually added modules to create the full suite.
  • Despite the fact that the digital procurement software is fully integrated, each module can be used independently.
  • You can use only the RFP wizard, the Conavigo integration for sourcing, or the Performance Management Module.
  • Workflows can be tailored to your specific needs. As a result, you have the option of activating or deactivating the demand management features.
  • In short, you choose which part of the process you want to use in Consource; almost everything can be toggled on and off.

How do you ensure Security & Confidentiality ?

    • We are aware that we are dealing with highly sensitive information, and Consource has been designed to ensure confidentiality.
    • We have made significant investments to ensure cutting-edge security features: Multiple factor authentication, data encryption, and web server firewalls are all examples of security measures.
    • We comply with the most recent regulations, including GDPR and Privacy Shield.
    • All benchmark data and community insights have been anonymized and scrubbed.
    • In a nutshell, we safeguard your data as if it were our own.

How long does it take to source consultants ?

  • You’re in charge of the entire process, from start to finish, and you decide when each step should be completed.
  • Depending on what you need and how selective you are, you may be able to go quite quickly.
  • As soon as our customers begin a request for a project in Consource, we see an average of two to four weeks before they engage our experts and begin work on the project.
  • Consultants often spend half of this time learning about the projects and writing proposals. It’s difficult to condense that bit.

Are you handling payments ?

  • No, we’re not doing that. Because it would be redundant with your existing systems.
  • You will process the order to pay through your own procedure and ERP/PTP system once a contract has been established.
  • We intend to develop integrations with standard ERPs and Procure to Pay solutions as part of our roadmap.

What is the size of your consulting network ?

  • We rely on an ever-expanding network of consulting organizations.
  • 4000 consulting businesses have been mapped by Conavigo across 18 046 locations in 216 countries. 154 Capabilities and 150 Industries have been used to categorize their experience.
  • In the event that we discover a new consulting firm or a client recommends a new business, we incorporate it into our mapping.
  • However, independent consultants can also be used if the network of independent consultants is managed on a different database.

What if I want help with my sourcing ?

  • Consource is the app we use for our own consulting sourcing needs.
  • If you require assistance beyond the scope of standard support, you may do so at any time:
    • While compiling a list of potential consultants,
    • Scoping your RFP, negotiating your SoW, and analyzing your Spend
    • Developing your Consulting Utilization Strategy
  • Our Conpaas teams will gladly help you with your projects..

How does Consource interface with our existing solutions ?

  • In a nutshell, the answer is no.
  • Our goal in creating Consource was to keep the number of interfaces as low as possible.
  • Our digital procurement software, on the other hand, organizes all of the most recent data.
  • Our roadmap includes ERP, PTP, and SRM integrations.

Is there a module for contingent workforce management ?

  • Consource’s goal is to assist in the procurement of consulting services.
  • Right now, we’re only concerned with strategic sourcing of consulting, so we haven’t linked Procure to Pay or any of the ERP interfaces needed to process orders and payments.
  • If there is enough demand for contingent workforce management, we may add another module.
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