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Our Next Live Event

Join us for a transformative webinar, “How to Drive Digital-Enabled Transformation in Consulting Procurement?” where we’ll explore beyond the conventional boundaries of consulting procurement. Designed for strategy leaders, finance professionals, procurement experts, and anyone vested in maximizing consulting ROI, this session delves into the traditional challenges buyers face and unveils integrated strategies for overcoming them. We’ll demonstrate how digital solutions, specifically through a case study of, can revolutionize your approach, fostering cross-functional collaboration between Strategy, Finance, Legal, and Procurement teams. Discover how to manage consulting not just as a cost, but as a strategic investment, enhancing efficiency and impact across your organization.

This live event will be streamed here as well as on LinkedIn and YouTube, offering you the flexibility to join us from your preferred platform. Additionally, you have the option to register for the Vimeo event for an enhanced viewing experience.

Our Next Worshop

Do you find yourself crafting Request For Proposals that don’t attract qualified consultants or align with your business goals? If you struggle to articulate your needs clearly or evaluate proposals that lack substance, our transformative workshop, “Writing the Perfect RFP for Consulting,” is the answer. Crafting a successful Request for Proposal is an indispensable skill in the world of business consulting. An effective RFP not only signals to consulting firms that you are a serious customer but is also vital in ensuring you get the best match for your organization’s needs.

Join us on April 22nd and transform your RFP writing skills into a strategic asset for your organization. 

This workshop will be limited to 10 attendees.